Josh Patton - @elevens_jlu

Josh Patton - @elevens_jlu

Part of the northern family, Josh is just one of those dudes who kind of just connected right off the bat. Chill, mellow and down to wheel, he's also a great dad and husband which is what a lot of us need around us, people who are centered.

I first met him through Adam (@oh_that_one_dude_guy_bro_man_jeep) and we hit it off around our builds. At the time he was known as Ragnarok_jku I think it was.

Since then he got rid of that build to a super thankful owner and built a JLU dubbed "ELEVENS_JLU" and it's a legit build with everything you'd want to have a great ride on and off the trail. Balanced. Like him.

Speaking of his wife, Michelle is a badass with a hell of a Gladiator Mojave build. We'll feature her later when we actually have shit she'd probably want to wear.

Baby steps guys.

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