Adam Pfeifer - @oh_that_1_dude

Adam Pfeifer - @oh_that_1_dude

What isn't there to say about this character of the offroad crawling world?

Adam is the sticky substance on the bottom of your shoe in that questionable spot you got invited out to that keeps the family together up north.

He's been known to drop everything to help out a brother in need and has a way of rallying people around different events that's truly an art.

We became Fast Friends with Adam through our mutual KC Lights connection as he's been a long time supporter and one of the earlier mainstays of the KC Family for years now.

A professional contractor and Whiteclaw drinker by day, Adam has built a reputation around always coming through in both work and on the trail.

Speaking of trails, his rig, Titan, is a stupidly overbuilt and insanely capable Jeep JKU crawler. Best known for being flipped over in the middle of an open desert during a KC video shoot and subsequently tanking the entire production, it's also loved by many around the world (he's big in Japan) and inspiration to many more.

We hope you guys know him, he's a good dude to know. And though it may not come across at first, his heart is way bigger than his mouth.

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