Fast Friends


Do good, have fun, throw back a beer or throw it in gear, Fast Friends is the passion project of several friends part of the same industry that you either know directly or by way of a friend. Designed for adventurers and gearheads, for the seasoned nomad and the folks just figuring it out. We are your brand.

FunRaisers are our way of giving back to this community of adventure through collaborative efforts with the frontlines of our industry. We are a brand built on doing good. Working with organizations like TreadLightly!, Educational Programs, Trade Schools and more we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving back. We call it 1% FOR THE ROAD. 

At our core we’re a group of people who chose to join one another’s tribes. At Fast Friends, we’re one big, dysfunctional, melting pot of fun. Our trails are our therapy, the track our release. Our boardroom is the campfire and one another's driveways. Our FAMILY IS YOU.

We don’t just talk about it, we’re all about it. This is the sh*t that get’s us going, the one bad habit we all enable one another to partake in. Spending Sunday’s with the boys (and girls) getting greasy in the garage, breaking our cuss on the trail, supporting each other at the track, this is us. For Motorheads By Motorheads.

Our motto is family first. So pull up a seat, grab a drink, and let’s become Fast Friends.

Come on f#ckers, let's go!



  • Look, one of the most important people in your life will be someone you aren't even related to by blood. Your significant other. We feel that friends, real friends, are the same thing. So remember, family is thicker than blood.