1 Percent for the Road

What is it about motorized wheeled fun that makes us drop everything else just to hear our engine turn over, hitting that perfect apex or climbing that absolute beast of a trail, it's an addiction and we want to keep supporting your habit for generations to come. 

That's why we started 1 Percent for the Road

We want to encourage other brands in our industry to give back in a structured, managed and accountable way. By giving back 1% together we can create some real change. Imagine a company generates $1,000,000 in profit after everyone's been paid and other overhead, 1% of that will equate to $10,000, now multiply that by 100 companies (there's thousands) and you are able to move some mountains.

It doesn't take much to fund an automotive class geared towards inner-city schools to pass on the knowledge we take for granted to underserved and unexposed youths. It doesn't take much to fund a group 4 times a year to go assist the National Forest Service on trail projects that they don't have the staffing to accomplish. It doesn't take much to help a deserving member of our extended family to pay for their race dues and help them achieve their dreams. All of this and more could be possible with just a %.

We'll be first, we hope more will follow.