Alan Wang - KC HiLiTES

Alan Wang - KC HiLiTES

Anyone else who makes a habitual habit of quoting Star Wars characters as real life examples we'd kick to the curb, but for some reason Alan pulls it off. Not only does he pull it off but he kinda makes you forget they're fictional characters and you walk away with a little bit of the Tao of Yoda to ponder during your day. He practices what he preaches, he helped get Rigged For Dirt off the ground, he jumped on board for Summer Camp and has always been eager to push anything he could get involved with that would grow people together, like a family.

Speaking of family, Alan is a fanatically dedicated father and husband who's constantly putting in the reps to make sure he's better than the day before. It's not easy, but just talk to him about life, fatherhood or husband(ry?) and he'll have plenty to relay on the subject. And he's the first to admit he's far from figured it out. Who has?

That's where we see eye to eye. Connection through authentic emotion. Needless to say we became fast friends and have worked with him for a few years building the foundation of what the "new" KC is all about. For those of you who don't know he also co-owns KC Lights with his father, Mike, and brother Andy, as well as owns a few other related/unrelated companies. 

The dude is also pretty clutch on the BBQ and his grilled pork sous vide shit that he sometimes makes is something to seek out. Unlike a lot of CEO/Owners he's actually about the life, has a few awesome rigs including a 4Runner, an absolutely beautiful Wagoneer build and he even recently acquired a new GX, Bronco and Tundra. 

We'll be needing the keys to that Wagoneer again actually...

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