Bryce Ronsonet @golden_cedes

Bryce Ronsonet @golden_cedes

Speak softly and carry a big stick personified is Bryce and his Golden Mercedes.

The duality between Bryce and his faithful stead is a tale as old as time, and their connection is comparable to legends like Doc and his Dolorean, He-Man and the mighty Battle Cat, Michael Knight and KITT, or Egon Spengler and Ecto-1. 

Bryce is more than just a baby faced menace behind the wheel though. He’s got a heart of gold, with a mustache that women despise and men envy. His posse consists of his parents who are quite possibly the nicest people we’ve met, his better half Anastasia, a best friend/mechanic (we all need on of those!), and a pack of dogs that will shed all over your adventure pants and melt your heart.

We'll forever be thankful for that night out on the playa of Johnson Valley where we discovered him, tracked him down and made him be our friend.

That’s our take on Bryce… we’ll let him tell you about his Golden Mercedes!


Q: What is the Golden Mercedes?
A: The golden Mercedes was a wrecked 1982 Mercedes 300sd that we brought back to life. Now it’s a part of my life that has given me a new purpose in offroad racing.

Q: What are your plans with the car?
A: There is no real “plan” for the Mercedes outside of being ridiculous and having as much fun as possible!

Q: What draws you to off-roading?
A: Growing up in the mountains off-roading has always been a part of my life. Whether it was dirt bikes, quads, Toyotas or a Mercedes if it has a motor I’m interested.

Q: How mint is f#cking mint? What’s the judging criteria?
A: The difference between mint(clean) and f#ckingmint(shitbox) all depends on the amount of f#cks you give.

Q: How many people have you towed at 1am over 500 miles?
A: Only one person. You know who you are.


If you see him around, say hello. He might not talk your ear off, but he’ll definitely take you for a spin!

Trust us on this one, do it! That thing is F*cking Mint!


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