Ernie Soliz - TORCO

Ernie Soliz - TORCO

Of our team's longest running industry relationships, Ernie is the man behind the man at Torco Racing Fluids. Ernie has been at this position for over 2 decades and has a love for lubricants that rivals Jenna Jameson.


More than that, he's one of us, sure he's behind the scenes pushing a pencil, clappin away at the keyboard. But his passion lies in getting outdoors, wheeling his Jeep and being part of the community.


Dude is one of the biggest fly-on-the-walls at events, you can find him out there like any spectator taking in the sights, speaking to vendors, and watching the action at races like King of the Hammers. We actually found him recently in the camp area adjacent to Overland Expo West in his Trailer just L-I-V-I-N'ing.

The other thing about Ernie is that he's got this zen vibe about him. It's like a blanket. It's not like he's little or meek either, he's on the taller side and well built but nothing about him exudes any kind of hostility or tension. His default setting is on chill. Easy going and a good listener the connection is real and it's probably one of the things that sets Torco apart from other companies too, his character infused within that brand. They're lucky to have him, and we're lucky to call him a Fast Friend.

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