Josh Patton @Elevens_jlu

Josh Patton @Elevens_jlu

Josh Patton


Yeah, I did one on Josh before but I don't think I got into the detail he deserved....

You’ll catch me talking about the “Northern Family” from time to time, my group of brothers and sisters from in/around the Sonora, CA area.

Of these are a couple groups, the Sonora locals and the adoptive greater family of which I’m lucky to be a part of.

Bonded by the love of being a part of a communal group of 7amily and 7riends, of the outdoors and wheeling, of creating. It’s an eclectic group comprised of members of unique characters. One of whom is our good 7riend Josh Patton.

Josh has always been consistent in all of the things gs he does. Always on the level, always upfront, always down for a good time. His vehicle matches his personality and style. Clean cut, functional, together.

The elements and icons surround him like his “Elevens” are stories that he would happily share with anyone and his to tell, but everything has an additional layer of meaning behind that which surrounds him.
Nothing is for the sake of just looking cool. But it does. Like his JL, it’s something you could have seen Jeep producing for sale off the showroom floor. All the parts are the top of the food chain, the level of detail is

exceptional and everything is clean. And it’s even better when you realize he’s on of us and wrenches on his own shit, albeit often with the help of friends because that’s what 7riends are for. Right?

7amily first and 7un next, Josh is our kind of friends and Im stoked to introduce one of our 77 OG’s to all of you.

Make sure you say what’s up to him if you see him around and maybe you’ll get a story or two while you’re at it.

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