Factor 55 - Justin Andrews

Justin Andrews - Factor55

You know him, you love him, dude's got a face for porn and a voice for Fiverr.

We've shared bottles of whiskey, bounced ideas off each other and honestly he's just a dude you reach out to to feel a little better about everything else going on. 

Positivity, an optimistic outlook and being an all-around good dude makes for a fast friend and he's got it all in spades.

One of our favorite interactions at any event, Justin has been in the industry for over X years and still going strong. Residing in Idaho, he's the dude to hit up the next time you're in town and of course, he runs things with Mike over there at Factor55 which if you've been living under a rock is owned by WARN so technically he kinda also works for the mothership.

At any rate he'll be the dude with the bitchin vest behind the booth and probably his polka dot Jessie Combs bandana in his back pocket.

We like him, we like him a lot.


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