Martin Castro - Milestar tires

Martin Castro - Milestar Tires

Passion, beer and rock crawling...that is enough to make him a fast friend with pretty much all of us. Martin works his 9am-10pm career over at Milestar Tires like a man on a mission to take over the world, or at least the adventure space with his tires.

One of the things we respect about him the most is that his word is his bond and it's legit a requisite of even being here. You're only as good as the things you come through on that you commit to.

And on top of it all, he's probably put more time than could be reasonably expected from someone into Ali's rig and still hasn't shied away from a good time.

Like the Full Circle - Chocolate Thunder video (here).

He'll take the shirt off his back for you or at least buy you a set of lug nuts and help you change out some wheel studs when you're stuck 20 miles out from Flagstaff.

Cooking for large groups, teaching others in the ways of the rocks, supporting Ultra4 teams, wrenching, crawling and more, he's a crowd favorite. 

And that handlebar mustache ain't too shabby either... 


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