Keepers of the Vibe
Matt Lorenger

Check out this video we did with Matt, personally I think it sets the bar for what's to come. And it's better for you to see why we love this guy and call him a 7riend.

"While you were sleeping", is a pretty good sum up of one of my best pals, Matt Lorenger. A crane mechanic by trade he's partially responsible for making sure all of your Amazon goods are flowing into our country from their long distance points of origin. When he's not up to his elbows in grease or walking across walkways hundreds of feet over San Pedro, he likes to get out with family and 7riends and have a good time.

One of the parts about him that all of his 7riends know is that he's always down to lend a hand, throw back a beer and start a campfire. He doesn't ask for much and isn't in it for anything but the love. And that's the type of people we appreciates.

Full dislaimer, I (Ali) stole about half of his ideas for Kate (it's probably under half tbh), but that's what friends are for, cause Matt's Jeep happens to have a lot of parts that used to be in Kate.

It's a Win win.

7amily 7irst!