Meet Nick Mazzanti @roamadventureco

Meet Nick Mazzanti @roamadventureco

Meet Nick Mazzanti – Off-Road Serial Entrepreneur & Fast Friends Badassador

Say hello to Nick Mazzanti, the dude behind the dude behind ROAM Adventure Co. and a pivotal figure in the offroad scene. As this month’s Fast Friends Badassador, Nick’s pretty much what you see is what you get—a good 7riend and 7un drinking buddy, someone who lives and breathes adventure, and whose dedication to the off-road 7amily is legit infectious.

Nick’s not just making gear; he’s building experiences. Based out of the love for where the rubber meets the dirt, his company is known for cranking out some of the best outdoor equipment on the market. We’re talking about everything from bomb-proof rooftop tents to the toughest cases that keep your gear safe while you aren't being third right?

It’s Nick’s vibe that sparked something big for us—the infamous Summer Camp series of events. Born from an epic shared adventure and fueled by Nick’s endless energy, this series isn’t just about getting dirty off-road—it’s about crafting a community bound by the thrill of the ride and the places it takes us.

And our Summer Camp has turned into a ritual, where every event (next one in 2025) is a celebration of gears, dirt, and kinship, all under the wide-open skies.

On the track, Nick’s ties with Atteberry Motorsports (doesn't hurt he actually married an Atteberry, hi Morgan!) and his love of the Ultra4 racing circuit (namely KOTH) underscore his commitment to motorsports, where wrenching on things isn't just neccessary but a part of his personal culture. His work with Atteberry isn’t just support—it’s a testament to his personal love of all things wheeled and rad.

Check out this vid we did featuring Nick and the Atteberry Ultra4 Bronco...

Then there’s his ’88 Jeep Comanche—this rig is a utilitarian beast. With a setup that includes a 14 bolt rear and Dana 60 front, rolling on 40” BFG stickies, this Jeep doesn’t just handle trails—it devours them. Nick’s own words sum it up: “It monster-trucks over everything I point it at.” That’s Nick for you: 7un loving, ready to go, and always cranking the dial to eleven.


Keep your eyes peeled for more on Nick’s wild rides and gear at He’s not just part of our community; he’s a driving force that keeps us all pushing the limits and keeping it rad out there.

Oh, and if you ever see a dick dragon in the wild, send him a picture, trust us, he'll be stoked...

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