Randy Wimenta @adventurejones_rigs

Randy Wimenta @adventurejones_rigs

Photo of the AWDROLLA by Avathecreative.visuals

I first met Randy when I was just starting out with my Jeep project. KC was activating me as one of their ambassadors and I think our first event was a media run with 5.11 Tactical to Overland Expo West by way of plenty of dirt roads.

That trip was one for the books and though I still interact with a lot of the people from that trip, Randy has always been a constant in terms of keeping the community together. While he doesn’t always communicate directly and you have to read between the lines with him, one thing that’s for sure is the fact that he has true love for the community, puts his friends and family first, gives back, likes to wheel and great to share a beer with.

Randy’s 9-5 is the experiential and community manager for KC in their marketing department. A staple of the brand, Randy has always strived to do good through his work with collaborations with Tread lightly, CORVA and more. Leave no trace and better than you found it are a couple of phrases that will help you understand Randy’s mindset and off-road philosophy.

Though he’s always had a well built Jeep project since I’ve known him, Randy’s Corolla is on another level and a classic example of what it is to be passionate about motorsports. From a render he saw on IG to a fully actualized and well built trail Corolla, Randy works the life and lives it.


From the San Diego desert, the red-rocks of Moab, the parks of Arizona, and the mountain trails of Northern California, Randy and I have become Fast Friends and have had a great many adventures together. From my time working with him at KC, building a small cult of off-road enthusiasts and campers to side-hustle plans of my own, he’s always been willing to aid and abet in pushing the fun forward


You’ll catch Randy being the marketing desk at KC Lights or behind the wheel of his project car on his way to his next great adventure with other Fast Friends. Follow him @adventurejones_rigs and here @fastfriends.fun.



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