Steve Hayes - Frontrunner Outfitters

Steve Hayes - Frontrunner Outfitters

Steve is a friend and a fellow adventurer with a hell of a story in regards to how he got involved with and is now running the US side of Frontrunner Outfitters. You can catch it on this podcast.

Father, husband, president of FR and all around solid dude, Steve worked his way up from Landcruiser resto-mods to running one of the largest adventure rack companies in the world.

Hanging with Steve is easy, the conversations tends to bleed over into regular family shit as equally as business as he's one of those guys where the two worlds are constantly intersecting. 

He used to have a pretty bitchin LX450 but has since sold it and is onto the next one. I'm sure we can all relate to the bitter-sweet aspect of that.

Out with the old and in with the new...

We also highly recommend you take a visit over to FR HQ as well. The place is like a shrine to all things Overland, especially with their recent expansion into a massive building which takes the word "showroom" to it's penultimate definition.

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