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Cannonball Long Sleeve Shirt - Limited Run

Cannonball Long Sleeve Shirt - Limited Run

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The lines in the road, illuminated by your headlights as you barrel through the early morning hours, begin to dance in front of you, seemingly lifting off of the road altogether. Empty cans of Monster Energy littering the passenger floorboard clink rhythmically against one another as the vehicle sways from lane to lane with your trusty "co-pilot" softly snoring in the seat beside you.

You know in about another 20 minutes that sun is gonna come kicking down the door of your delirium and giving your second wind, 35 hours to Jersey, you got this.

7inally a long sleeve!

With a coast-to-coast record (officially recorded) of 25 hours and 39 minutes by Arne Toman, Doug Tabbutt, and spotter Dunadel Daryoushin 2020, we can't help but feel a sense of pride for our fellow gearheads and lovers of speed.

And we go a little deeper than that, remembering what started it all in a van disguised as a medical transport by a couple editors of a small publication called Car & Driver (you might have heard of it) back in the late 70's.

While we don't think this shirt will shave off any time off your own attempt, you might as well look good trying to beat your fastest time on your favorite dirt trail, track day or on the way to your 9-5. Whatever, it's a long sleeve and part of the official Lost Sockets Crew series.

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Materials & Care

We recommend washing your cuss in cold water, let it hang dry and the sizing should be solid, most of this is cotton and it shrinks, regardless if it's pre-shrunk, it can always shrink more. Don't forget you're wearing plants.

And yeah, the printing process we use for all of our shirts is typically better than most, and our printer is one of the best in the game. You don't feel the print, just the shirt.

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  • We encourage you to get your whites dirty, those who know will know, it's not dirty it's just living your life authentically and patina is a thing right?