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Smiles Per Gallon Shirt

Smiles Per Gallon Shirt

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Gas prices? Where we're going we don't care about gas prices.

If you're anything like us, your vehicle gets way less gas mileage than it did when it came off the showroom floor all shiny and chrome. Whether you're overweight or part of the Church of Latter Day V8's, you can feel this one.

Soft T, no weird shrinkage when washed, just a shirt that will age with you. The print is actually more of a natural bleaching of the shirt than it is white. 

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Care and Materials

  • So there's about 20 years of print experience behind what we do. We design everything ourselves and source what we think are super comfortable blanks. The processes we use we've pushed forward in other industries and the colors we generally stick to go with pretty much everything you should be wearing.

  • We encourage you to get your whites dirty, those who know will know, it's not dirty it's just living your life authentically and patina is a thing right?

  • Wash your cuss in cold water, let it hang dry and the sizing should be solid, most of this is cotton and it shrinks, regardless if it's pre-shrunk, it can always shrink more. Don't forget you're wearing plants.

  • And try to remember, life is short, it's already later, don't stress the bullshit and try to enjoy the ride.

  • How we operate...

  • We pre-book all orders and then send them to print. We forsee this happening within 2 week intervals.

  • That means from the time you place your order until you receive it will likely be around 1 month or less.

  • That way we're not way out of pocket and you have some skin in the game to see us succeed.