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The Logo T - Shirt

The Logo T - Shirt

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How we made the Fast Friends icon...

"It has to be interesting, and who cares if it's played out, but it needs to have a lightning bolt vibe, and it has to embody what we're about and, and, and..."

F#ck off, it's 2 F's, about as many as we could give in most situations. 


(For the record, it's 2 fast F's)


Also, our black (like so many people we know) is a little it's "Black'ish".

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Materials and care

  • We use primarily water-based discharge or straight water-based inks.

  • We do this because it's softer, lighter and breathes. Plastic based inks tend to create hot spots and make you sweat.

  • The only thing you should sweat is making it to the next gas station.

  • Wash with like colors, note that colors like the red ink could run in warm water so wash cold. We've wash tested the shirts however and so far so good!

  • And try to remember, life is short, it's already later, don't stress the bullshit and try to enjoy the ride.

  • How we operate...

  • We pre-book all orders and then send them to print. We forsee this happening within 2 week intervals.

  • That means from the time you place your order until you receive it will likely be around 1 month or less.

  • That way we're not way out of pocket and you have some skin in the game to see us succeed.